GHC Membership

Why GHC?
Why GHC?

Growing Healthy Churches works with not only with pastors and churches but also with other denominations. We are united in the Spirit of Christ and are committed to the Great Commission & Great Commandment of reaching the world with the love of Jesus Christ (Matt 28:19-20).

We give congregational leaders the opportunity to learn from church leaders representing an array of leadership styles and church strategies. Whether it’s personal growth, church growth and development, or GHC Clusters, capital campaigns, pastoral coaching or placement we’re committed to helping you take your church to the next level!

Why Partner With Us?

We were not meant to be alone in ministry. We understand that there is strength in numbers. In fact many of us encourage others in our churches to join groups (women’s / men’s / life groups / etc); likewise who can better understand what pastors are facing than other pastors?

Banding together with other pastors and churches, united in the Spirit of Christ, not only creates a safe haven for accountability, leadership growth and personal growth but it also reminds us we are not alone, that we are our brothers keeper and they are ours.

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Membership Options

GHC Affiliation

Churches and Organizations choosing to affiliate with Growing Healthy Churches as a member church or organization.

GHC/ABC Cooperating

Churches choosing to affiliate with Growing Healthy Churches and with ABC/USA as a member church.