Pastors understand pastors. Very few others do.

Why we do clusters

The national stats are sobering: 90% work between 55-75 hours each week. 80% of pastors feel that the ministry has negatively impacted their families. 70% of pastors constantly fight depression. 70% of pastors say they have a lower self-esteem now than when they began their ministry. 70% of pastors say they do not have anyone they consider to be a close friend. 50% of pastors would leave the ministry if they felt they could find other employment. 80% of pastors’ spouses wish their spouse would choose a different profession. 50% of pastors starting out will not last five years in the ministry. 10% of minister will retire as ministers in some form. If you are a pastor, you understand these statistics. You probably are one of the statistics.

Growing Healthy Churches knows that pastoral health and church health go hand in hand. Pastors often feel isolated in ministry. GHC has a solution: clusters. Most months, a group of pastors gather in various geographical locations around Northern California and the Reno/Tahoe area to provide space for pastors to breathe, to learn, to support and be supported. Because pastors don’t last when they go 'Lone Ranger'. Because pastors need support from those who get it: Pastors understand pastors.


While there may be some variation from cluster to cluster, there will be some basic components you can count on happening.There will be food. It will cost you nothing. Eating together does more than increase your calorie intake – the dynamic changes when we break bread together. GHC underwrites the meal as a value-add to your day.

There will be food for thought. Ongoing training is critical for growing leaders. You will be provided with insightful resources that will inspire and stretch your thinking towards greater ministry effectiveness. GHC will provide a balanced diet of leadership insight to promote health physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

And we’ll feed your soul. Sometimes we need to share our struggle with people we can trust. When we do, our soul somehow is nourished by the vulnerability and support received. Sometimes we are privileged to support someone else as they go through their inevitable trials. When we do, our souls are touched by the holy opportunity to love and serve.